Saturday, 31 May 2014

Metropolitan House: Paris, Vol. 2

Mazai, Fomin, Ridney, Terri B!, Sergio D'Angelo, L2, Darko De Jan, Roberto Mermand, Antoine Cortez, SteveG.Bartel, Diaz, Groove Riddim, Andy Gramm, Cyra, Laurenzo, DJ Manzi, Paride Manzi, Genisi, Danny Jay, Mario Chris, Christiano Pequeno, Robbi Altidore, Disco Ball'z, STAMEN, Andre Flux, Daniele D'Alessandro, Max Freegrant, Dariush, Dany Cohiba, Ted Nilsson, Gallo, Alaia, Soultoniq, Hady Tarek - Metropolitan House: Paris, Vol. 2 
Play This! Records presents Metropolitan House: Paris Vol.2. This is a 21 track compilation made up of various artists from across the globe bringing the freshest funky grooves for all the house music lovers out there. Including production from  Ted Nilsson,  Ridney, Terri B!, Darko de Jan, L2, Gallo, Antoine Cortez, Groove Riddim, Laurenzo, Diaz, Sergio D'Angelo, Alaia, Mazai, Fomin, Danny Jay, Genisi and also the SoulToniq remix of Andy Gramm's "Play Me".
This release is available for $17.99 and is definetly going to keep you grooving!!

On Air Chill House Island

Dreamman, Garsaaidi, Roger Shah, Sian Kosheen, Alexandra Prince, Locktown, Dole & Kom, Inaky Garcia, Kata Espartaka, Lucas Oggier, Jey Indahouse, Lewait, Chizsoul, Soultoniq, Zintle, Onur Ozman, DJ Pantelis, Serkan Turkoglu, Popcorn, Tim Jirgenson, Carlos Zarate, Nicco Imani, Angy Deejay, Victor Maximiliano, Sin Tek, Sunset Cocktail, Ulisses Nunes, Brando Morales, Abian Saavedra, Carlos H, NuExiters, Maicon De Castro, Yan Ots, El Tomatero, Living Room, El Mono, Francis Le Laine, Don Gorda Project, Zack Marullo, Gerry Fischer, DJ Sponch, San Miguel, Hina, Sequel, Magic Island Mix, Suat Atesdagli, DBK, Eddie Valdez, Bite My A, Sacchi, Fabe, Monkz - On Air Chill House Island 

"On Air presents another new compilation series! The summer can begin! We are delivering you 34 exclusively selected Chillaxed house, beach house and lounge tunes! Included tracks and remixes by Roger Shah & Sian Kosheen, DreamMan, Garsaaidi, Locktown & Alexandra Prince, Dole & Kom, Iaky Garcia & Kata Espartaka, Lucas Oggier, Jey Indahouse & Chizsoul, Soultoniq, Onur Ozman, DJ Pantelis, Suat Atesdagli, Serkan Turkoglu, Popcorn, Tim Jirgenson & Carlos Zarate, Nicco Imani, Angy Deejay, Victor Maximiliano, Sin Tek, Sunset Cocktail, Ulisses Nunes, Abian Saavedra & Brando Morales, Carlos H, NuExiters, Maicon De Castro, Yan Ots, El Tomatero, El Mono, Francis Le Laine, Don Gorda Project, Zack Marullo, Gerry Fischer, DJ Sponch, San Miguel & Hina and many more! Check it out & stay tuned!"

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

IBIZA 2014 Sunset Beach

Ibiza 2014 Sunset Beach 

1 July 2014 Big Mamas House Records drops IBIZA 2014 Sunset Beach. This compilation has 64 tracks including production from SoulToniq, Donz, Julo P, Ziglessias, Tahaa, Alberto De La Guia, Sugar Daadies, Adam Twelve, Dean Chapple & Daniel M, Pierre Santino, Clear teens, Cervendos, Overflow, Yari Tekkhule, Djorn, T-Quez, Electrowavez, Stones & Bones, Nick Morris, Dr Rex and many more. 
Pre order the entire compilation now on iTunes for just $6.99

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Brasil World Cup 2014 - The Party!

Brasil World Cup 2014 - The Party! (Deluxe Version) 
Big Mamas House Records (Germany) brings to the masses a dance music compilation tailor made for the FiFa world cup to be hosted in the beautiful country of brasil. Brasil World Cup 2014 - The Party! has 64 fresh tracks by various artists from across the world. With different countries coming together to enjoy great football from the top nations in the world, this compilation also reflects the top artists from different countries across the globe bringing quality production for the music lovers out there.. Including the likes of DJ Ludovice, Right2dance, Camouflage, Faksikas, Steve Banks, Or'l, SoulToniq, Lew Ashby, Nicolas Bassi and many more..   
Due to be released 09 June 2014 you can pre order this 64 track compilation for only $7.99!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Something Global Extra

"Something Global Extra: This show is used as a platform for artists to showcase their talents with a new guest taking to the stage every few weeks. The absence of any kind of interruption in music has led to the show being touted as a “one hour musical journey” rather than simply an assortment of records."

18 April 2014 Season 5 show 44 with Chris Sammarco
SoulToniq ft Zintle - Tropical Sunshine (Interplay club mix) number 7 on tracklisting

Friday, 14 March 2014

House Angels Vol. 11

SUKA records [France] just dropped a new compilation today 14 March 2014. House Angels Vol. 11 is a 20 track compilation which has amongst others SoulToniq ft Zintle - Tropical Sunshine. There is also some production by DJ McKoy with a track titled 'One more Chance' and Miguel Picasso coming through with 'All I Need'. Other artists included in this compilation are The FreshGuys, Teo Moss & Daniel Shems, Souljackerz, DiscoJack, Grant boden, Luna moor and more..
The whole package is available on iTunes for $9.99. Sum dope tracks for djs to add in your cd pouches and for music enthusiasts to add to your music collection!!


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ibiza 2014 House Party

In approximately 4 weeks from today Big Mamas House records will present to you the Ibiza 2014 House party compilation. Each month this German record label is consistent in dropping the freshest compilations with talented artists and producers from across the globe. This compilation is no different with 63 tracks including Soultoniq - Go all crazy and the likes of Foxdrop, The Fitter Mood, ERISTA, George Sears, Christian Moga, Red Patrol, Nimi Dovrat, Al Defender, Carlos Bacchus, Filter Bear, Mr Simpson, Elmaco, Sugar Daadies, Zentribe, Alan Gray & Donz, Baxler, Luka Sambe, DJ KIRA, FunkyDee, BeatFlashers and many more.
The expected release date is 11 April 2014 and you can pre order this compilation on iTunes at $6.99 for 63 tracks!!

iTunes: Ibiza 2014 House Party

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

IBIZA 2014 Summer Paradise

With the compilations for March and April sorted and ready to drop, Big Mamas House Records(Germany) now has a fresh collection of various artists geared up to make waves in May. Ibiza 2014 Summer Paradise is a 61 track compilation that has the likes of Giom, SoulToniq, Right2Dance, Random Factor, Cable Stealing Gypsies, Ruyman Mas, Tom Taylor, Tom Lown, Petty Criminals, Yumone, Dakin Auret, Howard Sessions, Camouflage, Lew Ashby, Nicolas Bassi, Lonya, Michael Scott, Brian Snr, Telmo, Leigh Deep, Nohijo and a fresh list of other artists with quality sounds to keep you grooving in the month of May.. Pre order your favourite jams from this compilation on iTunes.. Release date: 09 May 2014   

iTunes:IBIZA 2014 Summer paradise

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ibiza Club Summer 2014 compilation:

Big Mamas House records bring you yet another fresh compilation. Ibiza club summer 2014 has 58 tracks by variuos artists from across the globe including SoulToniq - Go all crazy, Claytonsane, Conrad Es, Tahaa, DJ raw, Easefunk, Donz, Julo P, Kris holiday & Ski oakenfull and many more.. This is an electronic dance music compilation and is available for pre - order on iTunes. the official release date is 18 April 2014 so mark the date on your calender!!!

iTunes: Ibiza club summer 2014

Friday, 31 January 2014

Big Mamas House Records Presents: 300!

Big Mamas House Records Presents: 300!
2014 comes with more releases and compilations. SoulToniq ft Aretha m - Sumtimes it happens(Smoothtraxx remix) has been included in a new compilation coming ermany). Big Mamas House Records Presents: 300! is due to be released 06 March 2014 which will include various artists like Nadafunk, Sub Maze, Donz, Ben Royal, The Soulbrothers, Kilo, Lady rich and many more. This compilation has 64 blazing tracks so be sure to have a listen!!